Space, Place, and Crime

A Working Group of the European Society of Criminology
interested in Situational and Spatial Criminology

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This is the website of the Space, Place, and Crime working group!

The European Society of Criminology aims to bring together in Europe persons actively engaged in research, teaching and/or practice in the field of Criminology. We are one of their Working Groups that help achieve these aims.

The members of our group are all interested in the spatial and situational aspect of crime. We have a broad scope: some members investigate neighborhood differences in crime rates (in the traditions of 'social disorganization' or 'collective efficacy'), while others are interested in how micro-situations of crime events unfold. Some researchers use quantitative methods, while others use qualitative methods.

Because of the diversity of our members, it is our hope that the working group can lead to innovative collaborations across research domains, for example leading to new collaborations integrating macro (societal), meso (neighborhood) and micro (individual) aspects of the crime event, or using multi-method research (combining quantitative and qualitative approaches).

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  • Wouter Steenbeek

  • Marre Lammers

  • Christophe Vandeviver


  • Martin Andresen

  • Mattias De Backer

  • Jon Bannister

  • Ellie Bates

  • Wim Bernasco

  • Kate Bowers

  • David Buil Gil

  • Vania Ceccato

  • Spencer Chainey

  • Stijn van Daele

  • Paul Ekblom

  • Henk Elffers

  • Jorge Ferreira

  • Manne Gerell

  • Wim Hardyns

  • Meghan Hollis

  • James Hunter

  • Heleen Janssen

  • Paulo João

  • Shane Johnson

  • Ade Kearns

  • Jasper van der Kemp

  • Christian Kreis

  • Michael Leitner

  • Nick Malleson

  • Lucas Melgaço

  • Barbara Menting

  • Andrew Newton

  • Dietrich Oberwittler

  • Lieven Pauwels

  • Marlijn Peeters

  • Veronika Polisenska

  • M. Francisca Rebocho

  • Raquel Rosés Brüngger

  • Stijn Ruiter

  • Torbjørn Skardhamar

  • Thom Snaphaan

  • Christophe Soullez

  • Laura Vozmediano

  • Christina Zarafonitou